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Fr March 25th 2022
Spinnerei Schwelm

Every last Friday of a month people working in the field of art meet at Spinnerei Schwelm for an informal get together with drinks and music!

3G (vaccinated, recovered or tested)

Sa April, 9th 2022
16:00 - 19:00
Neuer Kunstverein Wuppertal
Who is afraid of ...?

a Happening by deufert&plischke

with: with: Moritz, Simon, Kattrin und Thomas Deufert, Yasin Sönmez, Chen-Yi Lou , Elena Palombieri, Viola Cantù, Fenna Thelosen, Maria Savva, Thor Galileo Axé, Li-Heng Kuo, Aleksandra Krutikova, Jan Chris Pollert, Rebecca de Toro, Julia Turnage, Emmi Osenberg, Helena Spieker Castillo.
Live Music: Emilie Fend und Andreas Hermanski
Visual Dramaturgy: Karen Zimmermann
Project coordination: Annika Schneider
Project management: Nora Liebetreu
in cooperation with Folkwang University of the Arts / Institute of contemporary dance

Fr April 22nd 2022
Moovy Festival
Filmforum im Museum Ludwig

32’, OV German Spanish with Engl. Subtitles
(scroll down for credits and German text)

Almost all human beings are wearing clothes, all their lives - inside and outside, day and night, when they are by themselves and with others. Clothes are the boundaries to our skin and to everything that is outside. Clothes protect against cold and against heat. Clothes are too cheap and are too expensive. Clothes are being loved and are being thrown away. Clothes are made out of fabric, that comes from somewhere. Here people are weaving, there they are sewing. The people who do this, don’t know each other. Their hands don’t know each other. Those hands touch machinery day in and day out. Hands are skillful left and right, they produce everything, they make clothes for you. People make clothes, clothes make people. Fabric is being made out of animals and out of plants. Fabric is being made artificially. Fabric is durable. Fabric tells stories. Patterns come and go, the seams show tears. Clothes become too small, clothes are being replaced, clothes are being gifted, clothes are being swapped. I am you and you are me. Clothes are being thrown away or collected, way to many, because when there is too much of something new, there is too much of something old. No one wants to wear anymore, what is piling up. Cheap fabric without stories. Ma - the movie makes 5 pieces of clothes tell their ghost stories. Thus all the imaginary spaces appear, spaces between people and clothes, life and fabrics, skin and suggestion.

April 22nd - 24th 2022
11:00 – 18:00
Alte Feuerwache Melchiorstraße 3
The Flying Archive /

In the past 5 years deufert&plishcke have collected hundreds and hundreds of letters to dance and favorite movements in over 16 cities across the world. The Flying Archive and the digital platform invites you to dive into the project, browse letters, write, watch, listen and record!

April 29th - 30th 2022
Theater Rampe

A conference and excursions into local neighborhoods.

Zuratet by Herbordt/Mohren and Florian Malzacher
With (a.o.): Ulf Aminde, deufert&plischke, El Palito, *foundationClass, Hospiz Stuttgart, Luise Meier, Boglárka Pap, Krishan Rajapakshe, Schwabinggrad Ballett & Arrivati, Dirk Sorge/Berlinklusion, Felizitas Stilleke, Sarah Waterfeld/Staub zu Glitzer

Fr April 29th 2022
Spinnerei Schwelm

Every last Friday of a month people working in the field of art meet at Spinnerei Schwelm for an informal get together with drinks and music!

3G (vaccinated, recovered or tested)

New spaces for a social choreography

Collective weaving as artistic and social practice became the through-line in the work of deufert&plischke.

Kattrin Deufert and Thomas Plischke have always collaborated with others in their 20 years together as artistduo deufert&plischke. From the beginning their performances and interdisciplinary work evolved from a dialogue because of the dual representation. Watching their artistic development, one gets further and further away from the theater stage, the archetypal exhibition space in a museum, urban environments, the singular, genius idea and its excellent outcome or the hierarchy between the creator of art and the audience.

The participatory principle of their work has found new allies – and created its entirely characteristic spaces.

One of those spaces is Spinnerei Schwelm. Close to Wuppertal, and close to the big cities of the Ruhr Area and the Rhineland, deufert&plischke are establishing here a space for experimental art for everyone since the autumn of 2021. At the Spinnerei – a former empty store front with a huge store window, where now red, yellow and blue ball chairs are rolling around and the collectively created display cases are hanging on the walls – consequently many things unite that are typical for their work: Like the invitation to play, for exchange or transparency and the generosity in the creation of a shared space for art that allows fragility and tenderness and where one can confide their secrets, desires and dreams. The Spinnerei is a factual location in the small city of Schwelm. But it is also a concept that takes root elsewhere and starts to engage people.

For the chaos and confusion, and for other people’s involvement courage is needed, say deufert&plischke – without other people nothing can be created. Ultimately the art work is here only the midwife, who assists with the transformative experience. But this assistance is key.

Image from the performance EinSehen by deufert and plischke

The work of deufert&plischke is porous, so there is room for the imagination of the people involved, their ideas and needs. Which requires a whole lot of trust and honesty from everybody. And of deufert&plischke: The willingness to detours, aesthetic compromises and the absolute commitment to the participatory processand that the endeavor will find its form. This way their open-ended projects can fill gaps that appear in the community of a city or village. And deufert&plischke’s artistic approach gets a clear political dimension.

They create their own form of social choreography with their playful system of rules and their open scores. This choreography is open to everyone, with or without experience in the arts, and it takes time. deufert&plischke’s different projects expand between locations and do not seem to find an end.

Image from the performance InsTanzen by deufert and plischke
Image from the performance Durcheinander by deufert and plischke

The patterns are recognizable, but none is like the other.

To accept the loss of control in those works is of social, communal and aesthetic value. But it also makes them complex and unpredictable. No hesitancy facing an uncontrollable world, an uncontrollable space, where the diversity of our society finds its place - don’t we need both right now?

Image from the performance anarchivTANZ by deufert and plischke

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Annika Schneider
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Annika Schneider & Andreas Hermannski
Project dramaturgy:
Lea Gerschwitz
Artistic support and collaboration: 
Karen Zimmermann, Emelie Fend, Andreas Hermannski
Graphics und Design:
Kirsten Rönfeldt & Karen Zimmermann
Translation and dramaturgy:
Barbara Müller - Wittmann

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