Spinnerei Schwelm November 21:

Thursday 18th 12:00 - 24:00 ANARCHIV TANZ! (click for
12:00 - 16:00 Schwelm is dancing at the Marketsquare and at Spinnerei

16:00 - 18:00 Workshop with Samuel Wilsi and Dessa Ganda: Drum Me!

ab 18:00 Filmscreening: new letters to dance by
Gabi Saranouffi (MDG)
Elke van Campenhout (BE)
Bettina Wagner-Bergelt (D)

starting 20:00 Schwelm dances at the Spinnerei with DJ Hermes Villena

all for free! Inside Spinnerei 2G (vaccinated, or recovered)


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Spinnerei Schwelm is all about experiencing and creating contemporary art with each other at the Gallery Römerstraße 7 in downtown Schwelm. You can partake on a regular basis in a free program of workshops, concerts, art projects, exhibitions, writing labs and discussions at the Spinnerei.

Inside Spinnerei Schwelm

The Spinnerei is also the new artistic home for deufert&plischke, who focus on cultural and social developments with choreography, photography, text and video. Their work will not only be shown at the Spinnerei but also touring nationally and internationally.

Portrait deufert&plischke

deufert & plischke

Artistic Directors / Schwelm

Since 2001 Kattrin Deufert and Thomas Plischke are the artistwin deufert&plischke. As a result of a radical fusion of life and work they developed over two decades choreographic work without individual authorship, that goes beyond the established framework of dance and performance (2012 “InsTanzen”, 2014 “Niemandszeit”, 2016 “Just in Time”, 2020 “A worn world”). Their work was presented at the Tanzplattform 2000, 2004, 2008, 2018 as well as the Tanzkongress 2009 and 2019. They were visiting professors at the JLU Giessen, the UDK Berlin and the University Hamburg. They were also professors at the UDK Berlin where they helped to establish the bachelor degree course for “Dance, Context, Choreography” at the HZT consequently running it for many years. Currently deufert&plischke are members of the advisory board for the Tanzkongress 2022 and for the Kunststiftung NRW. 2020 they became part of Forum Habitat, a long term transdisciplinary exchange project between Canada and Europe on the topic of “Vivre Vieux” (living with age). The content of their work focusses on integrative and social models of choreography as well as on participatory performances. Thereby they combine art and mediation in their artistic demands, a view which is shared strongly by many people transcending social, language and gender barriers. 2021 deufert&plischke founded with the producer Felix Wittek Spinnerei Schwelm.

Portrait Felix Wittek

Felix Wittek

Production Dramaturgy and Project Development / Hamburg

Since 2003, Felix Wittex, who has university degrees in Art History and Cultural Studies, works as Producer, EU-Fundraiser, Artistic Director and Company Manager in the performing arts. He considers amongst other things the Schwankhalle Bremen, the international tanzmesse nrw, the project Re-Thinking for the Kunststiftung (Art Foundation) NRW and his extensive collaboration with the curator and art professor Sandra Noeth, formative for his professional career. Currently Felix Wittek works as a freelancer for K3 I ??? Tanzplan Hamburg and together with Mechtild Tellmann and Matthias Quabbe on creating a learning platform for dance professionals. Since 2019 he is Production Manager for deufert&plischke.

Portrait Lea Gerschwitz

Photo ©Christian Kleiner

Lea Gerschwitz

Dramaturgy/ Mannheim

Lea Gerschwitz ist Dramaturgin und Kulturmanagerin. Ihr Interesse liegt an der Schnittstelle von künstlerischem Prozess und Produktion. Beim Kulturbüro der Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar leitet sie das Kunstprogramm Matchbox, das internationale Künstler*innen zur Entwicklung ortsspezifischer und partizipativer Projekte in den ländlichen Raum einlädt.

Portrait of Robert Skatulla

Photo ©Katharina Görgen

Robert Skatulla

Administration / Köln

Robert Skatulla is a Dancer, Ethnologist and has a university degree in Media and Culture. As an Arts Manager he dedicates his time to projects with an emphasis on contemporary dance and performance. Since the beginning of 2021 he also works for REAL-IN, a project funded by the European Union, that focusses on the possibilities of immersive XR technologies for the cultural and creative economy.

Portrait Johanna Simon

Johanna Simon

Dramaturgy / Potsdam

Johanna Simon studied Dance as well as Cultural and Social Work in Berlin and Potsdam. Already as a child she discovered her interest in dance in her native city Leipzig. Nowadays she lives in Potsdam and is the project lead in the department for aesthetic education at the fabrik Potsdam for explore dance – network dance for a young audience. She is also curator of the workshop program for the international festival Potsdamer Tanztage (Days of Dance) and is involved in multiple other projects of the fabrik. She crossed paths with the artistwin deufert&plischke while collaborating on the project “Spinnen” as the dramaturg of the production.

Portrait of Kirsten Rönfeldt

Kirsten Rönfeldt

Graphics und Design

Kirsten Rönfeldt is Communications Designer, Graphic Printer, Artist, Illustrator, Web Designer and composes short texts. She feels at home in all these creative areas and owns an atelier DesignHandlug in Schwelm. The correlation of text and image is the primary focus of her work. Independent and new assertions can evolve from text fragments and graphic snippets. Concepts are being developed with the big picture in mind and often take on broader meanings through direct and indirect communication. Check out  kirstenroenfeldt.de and design-handlung.de and her newest project invasive-erinnerungen.de

Portrait Barbara Wittmann

Photo ©Matthias Wittmann

Barbara Müller - Wittmann

Dramaturgy and Translation / Los Angeles

Starting out as assistant director and dramaturg in Munich’s fringe scene and later at the Opera North Leeds and Kampnagel Hamburg, Barbara moved on to be production manager and producer for various theater festivals, the Citytheater Freiburg (Germany), the Living Theatre, New York and the Left Bank Theatre Group, Tel Aviv. Before moving to Los Angeles she was managing director of the Citytheater Aalen. Now she is producer and dramaturg at the Odyssey Theater Ensemble Los Angeles and curating an annual Contemporary Dance Festival at the Odyssey. As board member of "ARENA of the Young Arts" she got awarded by the city of Erlangen (Germany) for her merits in theatre, cultural exchange and international understanding.

Moritz and Simon Deufert embracing

Moritz & Simon

Idea agents / Schwelm

Moritz and Simon were born 2013 and 2014 in Berlin. They travel together with deufert&plischke to many different countries and help their parents with their artistic work. They are especially engaged in the processes of the works "Spinnen" and "Family Affairs" and starred in the films "MA" 2020 and "Twinkle Toes". Moritz and Simon live in Schwelm and visit the "Freie Schule Bergisch Land" in Wuppertal.

Spinnerei Schwelm is supported by DIEHL+RITTER/TANZPAKT RECONNECT, which is funded by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative

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